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Spalletta CWDM XFP Transceiver Module

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Spalletta CWDM XFP optical transceivers are designed for Storage, IP network and LAN. The CWDM XFP is a fully integrated 8G~10Gbps~11.1 optical transceiver module. The CWDM XFP is a hot pluggable module in the Z-direction that is mainly usable in typical router/switches line card applications. In addition, they comply with the XFP Multi Sourcing Agreement (MSA). This transceiver uses an cooled CWDM EML Laser Diode to achieve 80km over standard single mode fiber. Some models are using DFP 10G CWDM laser. The most commonly used CWDM XFP wavelengths are from 1270nm to 1610nm with steps of 20nm (XFP 1270, XFP 1290, XFP 1310, XFP 1330, XFP 1350, XFP 1370, XFP 1390, XFP 1410, XFP 1430, XFP 1450, XFP 1470, XFP 1490, XFP 1510, XFP 1530, XFP 1550, XFP 1570, XFP 1590, XFP 1610). The transmission distance depends on the wavelength, the fiber type and the MUX/DEMUX insertion loss . The transmitter section uses a multiple quantum well laser. The receiver section uses an integrated InGaAs detector or APD receiver. CWDM XFP module can reach up to 80km.


  • Supports 9.95Gb/s to 11.1Gb/s Bit Rates
  • Can be used with single fiber CWDM system or dual fiber CWDM system
  • Hot-Pluggable XFP Footprint Compliant with XFP MSA
  • 18-Wavelengths CWDM DFB/EML Transmitter from 1270nm to 1610nm, with Step 20nm
  • Very Low TEC Power Consumption
  • Dustance: 10, 20, 40, 70km
  • Duplex LC Connector
  • Case Operation Temperature Range-5°C to 70°C
  • 2-Wire Interface for Integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitorin
  • RoHS, CE, FDA, FCC, TUV, UL certifactes


  • 10GBASE-ER/EW 10G Ethernet
  • 1200-SM-LL-L 10G Fiber Channel
  • SONET OC-192 IR-2
  • SDH STM S-64.2b
  • CWDM networks and systems
  • Other Optical Links

PackageData Rate RangeWavelengthOptical ComponentsPower BudgetCase Temperature rangeApplication
RFQ BIDI CWDM XFP19.95~11.1G1270~1330DFB/PIN9dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP29.95~11.1G1270~1610DFB/PIN10dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP39.95~11.1G1270~1450DFB/PIN14dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP49.95~11.1G1270~1330DFB/APD23dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP59.95~11.1G1350~1610DFB/PIN10dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP69.95~11.1G1270~1610DFB/PIN14dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP79.95~11.1G1470~1610EML/PIN14dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
RFQ CWDM XFP89.95~11.1G1270~1450EML/PIN23dB0~70Ethernet,SONET,10GFC
CWDM 8G Fiber Channel XFP
RFQ CWDM XFP98.5G1270~1610EML/PIN40km0~708xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP108.5G1270~1450DFP/PIN14dB0~718xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP118.5G1470~1610EML/APD24dB0~728xFC
CWDM MultiRate XFP
RFQ CWDM XFP128.5~11.1G1270/1290/1310/1330DFB/PIN10dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP138.5~11.1G1270/1290/1310/1330DFB/PIN14dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP148.5~11.1G1350~1610DFB/PIN10dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP158.5~11.1G1350~1610EML/PIN14dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP168.5~11.1G1470~1610DFB/APD23dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC
RFQ CWDM XFP178.5~11.1G1470~1610EML/APD23dBCom.Eth,SDH,10GFC, 8xFC


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Spalletta CWDM XFP Transceiver Module

Spalletta CWDM XFP Transceiver Module