Neu Spalletta QSFP-DD 200G Transceiver Module

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Spalletta QSFP-DD 400G Transceiver Module

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Spalletta QSFP56-DD is addressing the technical challenges of achieving a double-density high speed 400G interface, electrical interfaces will employ eight/four lanes that operate up 50/100 Gbps PAM4 modulation, providing solutions up to 200 Gbps or 400 Gbps aggregate. QSFP-DD can enable up to 14.4 Tbps aggregate bandwidth in a 1U switch slot.


PackageDescriptionData Rate WavelengthTemp.Distance
RFQ QSFP-DD 400G-1QSFP-DD 2×200G CWDM48×50G PAM41271nm/1291nm/1311nm/1331nm0~70C2km
RFQ QSFP-DD 400G-2QSFP-DD 4×100G DR4 4×100G 400GbE1310nm 0~70C500m
RFQ QSFP-DD 400G-3QSFP-DD 4×100G FR4 4×100G 400GbE1271nm/1291nm/1311nm/1331nm0~70C2km
RFQ QSFP-DD 400G-4QSFP-DD 4×100G LR4 4×100G 400GbE1295nm/1300nm/1305nm/1310nm0~70C10km


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Spalletta QSFP-DD 400G Transceiver Module

Spalletta QSFP-DD 400G Transceiver Module