> Domestic shipments:

Most of our shipments can leave overnight across the full transceiver family and all network platforms. We have become very strategic to our customers implementation timelines, saving them millions instead of waiting for the OEM to deliver. We can often ship overnight with a 4pm Pacific order submission. Larger shipments can take a day to ship, where 1000+ piece orders can usually ship within 2-3 business days.
Simply select the qty and part(s) needed in the checkout process. At any time during this process the customer can click for an estimated shipping rate based on the method selected. Shipping rates are calculated on weight of product selected in check-out and the customer enjoys our negotiated rates.
If our customer wishes to leverage their own shipper number and carrier, this is extremely simple to facilitate. Just handled through the site check-out and click on FOB.

> International shipments:

We drop ship world-wide to virtually any address in the world services by UPS, DHL, or FED Ex. Even with international shipping fees and tariffs, our abroad customers have us drop ship to their data center build outs for maximum savings while insuring quality. Customers from Europe, Asia, Africa/Middle East, and Latin America receive their product fast by air transport, within 2-3 days of order.
Import Duties and Shipping is paid by the customer. After VAT, import and shipping costs are added, the Customer is still typically saving $100s if not $1000s of dollars in their budget.
Our primary default shipping carrier is DHL and this price is calculated automatically via the check-out function on the website, but many of our international customers have us use their DHL or UPS number. In this case, the customer will simply fill out checkout FOB (including shipper number and carrier) and we will quickly process the order. Dont forget to add tariff rate amount. If you do not know this, please send us an email below and we will get that to you.