Nuovo Spalletta SFP+ Twinax & AOC Cable Transceiver Module

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Spalletta SFP+ Twinax & AOC Cable Transceiver Module

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Spalletta SFP+ direct attach copper and optical cable assemblies provide a cost-effective solution over fiber optics in short reach applications. The design allows for serial data transmission up to 10Gbps in each direction.  Low power consumption helps make the SFP+ copper cable assembly an economical solution for within rack or rack-to-rack applications.


Data rateLengthAWGPassive/ActiveTemp
Up to 10.5G0.5m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G1m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G2m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G3m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G4m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G5m30Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G0.5m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G1m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G2m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G3m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G4m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G5m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G6m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G7m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G8m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G9m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G10m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G11m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G12m24Passive0-70℃
Up to 10.5G5m30Active0-70℃
Up to 10.5G7m30Active0-70℃
Up to 10.5G10m28Active0-70℃
Up to 10.5G12m28Active0-70℃
Up to 10.5G10m24Active0-70℃
Up to 10.5G15m24Active0-70℃
Data rateLengthAWGPassive/ActiveTemp
Up to 10.5G0.5m30Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G1m30Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G2m30Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G3m30Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G0.5m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G1m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G2m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G3m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G4m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G5m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G6m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G7m24Passive-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G1m30Active-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G3m30Active-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G5m30Active-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G7m28Active-5~75℃
Up to 10.5G10m24Active-5~75℃
Data RateAOC Length*(note2)Temp.DDMI


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Spalletta SFP+ Twinax & AOC Cable Transceiver Module

Spalletta SFP+ Twinax & AOC Cable Transceiver Module